Sonora Serna


Sonora joined the staff in 2001 as head receptionist along with many other duties. She has two sons; three cats; Halloween, Kiki, and Wednesday. She enjoys cooking, her family, her animals, reading, and watching horror movies.

Hannah’s Story:
In the early spring of 2009, Dr. Hensch received a emergency call from the game warden here in the Bee County Area. It was a little dog with two broken front elbows. When she would sit up she looked like a gopher. There was a thought of euthanizing her because of her injuries and pain she was in. But Hannah won our hearts.

Our receptionist Sonora, fell in love and adopted her, understanding that Hannah would never be like a normal dog. She had splints on her two front legs for months until her doctors felt she was strong enough to walk on her front legs. Now living in a household with two teenage boys(that are very protective of her) and two cats. She is adjusting well to her new home, she is spoiled rotten, has a box full of toys and most of all lots of love.

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